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September 15, 2023 - BBB Grape Vine

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Day: September 15, 2023

How to Outfit Men for the Gym

gym outfit men

Men who are ready to start making those gym outfits men happen should stock their wardrobe with functional, comfortable clothing. Ideally, this should include athletic shorts or pants, a moisture-wicking tank top or tee, and a pair of breathable shoes appropriate for the type of workout they’ll be doing. Avoid anything that can cause friction or get in the way, such as jeans and baggy shorts that restrict movement; ill-fitting tees that will get caught on equipment; jewelry (which can bang against metal and damage the wearer’s fingers); or loose clothes that could catch on a machine and be pulled off during a workout.

A great place to start is a pair of slim fit track pants that won’t be too long or baggy. They’ll look better than a ripped pair of jeans and also work well with any color gym top. A good pair of track pants should also be lightweight and breathable to keep you cool and dry as you work out.

Elevate Your Workout Style: A Guide to Stylish Gym Outfits for Men

For the guy who finds most activewear brands to be a little over the top, a men’s outfit from Olivers or Fourlaps is likely to appeal. Both brands offer an array of workout essentials that are designed with subtlety and optimization in mind.

As for what to wear with your new gym shorts, a fitted, round-neck tee is ideal. Ill-fitting tees can actually make you look bigger than you are, while a slim fit will give your body the appearance of more muscle mass. Wear it with a slightly tapered fleece hoodie to add a bit of style and extra warmth.

Career Boost Resume Writing

Career Boost Resume WritingCareer Boost Resume Writing  Professional Resume Writing services for entry level, mid-career and senior level professionals in New York City. Services also include outplacement and career coaching.

A resume is your most important marketing tool — and a poor one can cost you a job. Recruiters spend six seconds, on average, looking at a resume before deciding whether to read it further or reject it. This is why it’s so important to make your best effort to get the information that matters most on your resume above the fold.

The top portion of your resume should contain your name and contact information, a well-written headline and an easily digestible overview of your experience that explains why you’re the perfect fit for the role. You should also list your professional certifications and any other notable accomplishments you want to highlight.

The Power of a Career-Boosting Resume: Tips for Effective Writing

In your work experience section, highlight your most recent position first and then move backwards in the chronology of your jobs. This way, your most recent position will serve as a hook to draw the recruiter’s eye and encourage them to keep reading. Don’t forget to include non-traditional work like volunteer positions, internships and temporary or contract work as well.

As you list your previous roles, focus on highlighting your achievements rather than your responsibilities. Use action words such as “achieved,” “designed,” and “improved” to describe your duties and frame them around how they made an impact on the company. This will give your resume more substance and a more impressive look.

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