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Automatic driving lessons in east London are on the rise due to many new cars being built as hybrid or electric. Despite this there are still plenty of learners who prefer to learn in a manual car. Having a manual licence also allows you to drive older or classic vehicles as well as being useful if you intend to hire a vehicle abroad.

Our instructors are qualified to teach both manual and automatic cars. They use a client-centred approach so the lesson will be tailored to your needs. They will start off the lesson in a quiet area to get you familiar with the car and then work on any areas you feel uncomfortable with. They will also vary the difficulty of the driving task so that it is challenging but not overwhelming.

Ease into Gear: Automatic Driving Lessons in East London

We offer a range of courses including Pass Plus, refresher lessons and motorway tuition for learners as well as PDI’s Part-2 and Part-3. We also offer intensive driving lessons for those who want to progress quickly.

Choosing the right driving instructor will make all the difference. Our driving instructors are local to the East London area and have great knowledge of the roads and test centres that will help you pass your driving test first time.

The DVSA Pass Plus course gives you additional road experience to boost your confidence and help you become a safer driver. It can also save you money in the long run as it can reduce your car insurance premiums. We have a qualified Pass Plus instructor who can take you through the 6 hour course after you have passed your driving test.


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