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Axiom Division 7 Provides Roof Installation Services in Bellevue

roof installation bellevue

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its lush greenery and glacier-capped mountain ranges. What’s less well known is that this region is also renowned for its rain. That’s why a roof is so important for your home. A roof protects your family and belongings from the elements while helping you save energy. And a quality roof is also a key component to enhancing your curb appeal.

A reputable roof installation Bellevue will understand the unique needs of your roof and offer a variety of roofing services to ensure that it is in top condition. These can include roofing installation, solar panel installation, roof repair, and gutter cleaning. A roofer can also help you choose the best roofing material for your property and provide information about the warranties and guarantees that come with each option.

Seamless Roof Installation in Bellevue: Elevate Your Home’s Protection and Curb Appeal

Whether you need roofing repairs or a new roof, you can trust the experts at Mountaintop Metal Roofing in Bellevue. Their metal roofs are not only attractive and durable, they can actually save you money on your energy costs. They deflect heat and sunlight, which helps keep your home cool during the summer. And they provide insulation that helps you stay warm in the winter.

Axiom Division 7 was enlisted to roof the new 19-story luxury apartment high-rise tower in downtown Bellevue for Chinn Construction. The project, which kicked off in the middle of winter, had several challenges. Axiom’s Bellevue roofing team was able to meet the challenge and provide an immediate dry-in, which allowed the construction schedule to remain on track. The roof was completed with a Soprema 2-ply SBS roof system over Sopraboard, tapered insulation, and 2 base layers of rigid insulation with vapor barrier, all adhered to concrete.


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