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The idyllic setting of Uluwadi in the scenic rice paddy fields of East Vanuatu is best described as paradise on earth. Uluwatu villa is set in an idyllic location in the centre of Balinese natural terrain while keeping the rural community aspects by bringing together spiritualists, yogis, farmers, travelers, and newlyweds from around the globe. The villa Uluwatu spells ultimate beauty with its breathtaking interiors, sophisticated architecture, lush tropical garden with waterfall edge relaxation areas, modern amenities including spa and health centers, and gracious dining and living areas. The villa Uluwatu also boasts a spa pool, sauna, and health centre. The villa is well appointed with luxurious bedding and interior decoration that takes care of your every need.

Villa Uluwatu Offers You the Best Holiday Experience

The villas are surrounded by scenic views of the fertile rice paddy fields of East Vanuatu. The bali villas of Uluwada are set amid lush tropical gardens and the sun kissed landscapes of East Vanuatu. The Uluwada Balinese villas are the perfect place to enjoy bali vacation with its wonderful ambiance, peaceful atmosphere, privacy, and serenity. The idyllic setting of the bali villas gives a chance to escape the busy city life and enjoy the serenity and intimacy of East Vanuatu.

To enjoy this idyllic paradise, you can take pleasure in the splendid sunsets and tropical breezes that fill the air as you enjoy an outdoor holiday at the East Vanuatu beach resorts. The bali villas in Uluwada also offer the opportunity to enjoy the surfing along the pristine beaches. The water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, swimming, diving, sailing, paragliding, jet skiing etc. provide an exhilarating experience to the tourists.


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