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epoxy flooring austin texas

Epoxy is a resin that is used to create long-lasting protective surfaces on nearly anything it is applied to. The resulting surface is strong, durable and looks great with almost any color. It is also easy to clean and sanitize. This makes it a perfect choice for floors in areas where chemicals are often used, as well as in food processing facilities and warehouses. Learn more website

There are a variety of epoxy flooring systems available. They can be trowelled or poured and can include anti-slip or chemical resistant properties as required. The system may be fully or partially porous, with anti-osmosis properties also often included. There are also self-levelling epoxy coatings that can be used in place of a screed for heavy-duty floors that require a high level of durability.

Working with Epoxy Flooring Professionals in Austin: How to Choose the Right Company for Your Project

Epoxies can be applied in a variety of colour options and finishes with varying gloss levels. They are also available with coloured microchips or metallic pigment additives for additional design options. Antistatic epoxy floor systems are designed to prevent electrostatic charge from accumulating on the floor surface and are ideal for laboratories or specialised food processing environments.

Our epoxy flooring austin texas experts are fully trained and certified to work with your concrete floor, using the best materials for every application. Our surface preparation services will ensure that your floors are ready to receive the appropriate coating, giving you a long-lasting solution for your home or business. We can even apply the flooring in stages, if needed, to accommodate your budget and schedule.


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