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ev charger installers

Professional ev charger installation uk will install your charger in a convenient location in your home. They will also help you choose the correct type of charger for your car. EVs need a charge point near the place where they typically park and are most useful for homes with limited space. A good solar contractor will give you references and will be able to supply you with contact information for previous customers. A professional will also know the best places to install charging stations and maximize their benefits.

How to Choose EV Charger Installers

The first step in the process is to contact a potential installer. Some companies will offer a free online survey, while others may require an in-person site visit. Avoid impulsive decisions and look for a company that offers a comprehensive service package. Some providers will even include a pre- and post-installation guide, so you can learn more about your new EV. In addition to providing a full range of services, a professional EV charger installer will also be able to help you with the paperwork.

Professional EV charger installers will check to see if your home gets 240 volts from the mains and whether your breaker box has the appropriate amps for charging your EV. In the San Jose area, most homes receive 240 volts and have 100 amps to spare, but that’s not enough, as most other appliances need extra amps for charging. EV wall chargers can draw up to 50amps, so the installer will upgrade your breaker panel to 200 amps so your car can use the charger. If your home is lacking an outlet to accommodate the EV charging points, you’ll have to call an electrician.


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