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Healthcare Experts Who Can Write Letters For ESAs

who can write letter for emotional support animal

Who can write letter for emotional support animal? Emotional support animals (ESAs) are growing in popularity across the United States as an effective way to combat loneliness, depression, stress, and pain. These animals are not required to undergo any special training, but must meet a list of criteria before they are allowed to be a part of a person’s care. In this article, you’ll discover 7 healthcare experts who can write letters for ESAs, and how to determine if you or a loved one qualifies for an emotional support animal.

How To Find Healthcare Experts Who Can Write Letters For ESAs

A valid ESA letter must be written by a licensed mental health professional. It’s also vital that it be on a mental health professional’s letterhead and include the license number. This will ensure that the letter is signed by a mental health professional and works properly for you and your ESA.

Emotional support animals are not permitted in public places or services, but they are allowed in homes for people with mental health issues. In some cases, a mental health professional will write the letter for you if you have a mental health condition. The letter can be used for a variety of purposes, from facilitating a person’s ability to travel to ensuring their animal lives in a safe environment.

Those who are in need of an emotional support animal letter should consider using a letter service that is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services. The letters are written by a licensed mental health professional and are compliant with state and federal laws.


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