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highquality bund lining systems

The choice of lining system is crucial for the integrity and lifespan of your bund. This is especially true of high-quality bund lining systems that are resistant to the harshest chemicals, acids and alkaline. Many bund lining manufacturers and contractors have only one type of resin technology, production facility or application equipment which means that they can only recommend their own system to you and may be unable to offer you the most appropriate solution for your project.

High-quality GRP bund lining systems are seamless, chemical and temperature stable barriers optimized for protecting the surfaces of your bund wall, maintaining fluid tightness and ensuring regulatory compliance. They have proven to be exceptionally durable and can withstand the harshest of chemicals from oil, diesel and sulphuric acid, as well as physical and biological stressors.

Guardians of Containment: Exploring the Features of High-Quality Bund Lining Systems

A bund is a secondary containment structure that surrounds tanks and vessels to prevent any spills or leaks contaminating the environment if the primary tank or vessel fails. They are often constructed from metal, brick or concrete and need to be lined to ensure they are able to contain the liquids stored in them.

We offer several specialist epoxy polyurethane, and polyurea resin-based bund lining systems for all types of bunds. They are typically hot spray applied and can be used to assist movement issues including movement stress cracking in concrete or masonry bund walls, as well as provide high levels of strength and chemical resistance.


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