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Meditation is an important tool to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also can improve focus, concentration and overall performance. Practicing meditation can be as simple as sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes and focusing on each inhale and exhale, and noticing the slight pause before you inhale again. This practice of giving your mind one simple thing to focus on, helps reduce the frustration you may experience with trying to quiet your

Located in the Pecatu district of Uluwatu, The Istana provides accommodations with a private pool and free private parking. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and a spa & wellness center with a sauna and hot tub.

Healing Retreat: How Meditation at The Istana, Uluwatu, Enhances Well-being

The Istana is a luxurious estate with stunning views of the white sand beaches, azure waters, and magical sunsets that encircle the Bukit Peninsula on Bali’s southwest coast. The property consists of a main house with generous living and dining spaces, two swimming pools, breezy bales, a games wing and a separate master suite, as well as a guest house.

The U-shaped Grand Staircase at the front of the Istana is decorated with hand-carved Indonesian wooden panels. On the first landing is a statue of the Guardian of the House which was gifted to Sir Shenton Thomas when he took up residence here in 1926. During the Second World War, the guardian was moved to a storeroom and forgotten until 1995 when it was found by cleaning staff.


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