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Understanding Tech Statistics That Are Sexist against Women in Technology

women in tech statistics

The recent phenomenon of online dating has been very successful for women in tech. More people from the underrepresented categories of gender are taking part in online dating to find their soul mate. Women in tech are now trying to navigate the often tricky terrain of working in a technical field in an overwhelmingly male work environment. The recent trend of hiring senior level and experienced men to head up the IT departments leaves many women fearful of losing their foothold in a male dominated business.

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In order to combat the hostile environment that surrounds tech careers, women need to have a better understanding of their industry statistics. It is not very surprising that IT jobs are still overwhelmingly held by men, especially in the upper echelon of the management. Some may argue that the reason for this is the simple fact that men are more powerful and successful in the business world, but that is not entirely true. In fact, statistics show that women hold just 50% of IT jobs, while the overwhelming majority are held by men. Men are gaining ground on women in the IT industry because they understand the industry far better than women do and are able to anticipate problems that most women are totally oblivious to.


Another issue facing women in tech is workplace harassment. Many women in tech have had to deal with the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual advances from a superior are not uncommon, yet most women said that the vast majority of the time they never receive such advances. This may simply be because the male superiors are not well versed in dealing with issues like this, as most men are taught that the workplace is a place for aggressive sex where women are constantly at the bottom of the food chain. An entire industry devoted to combating workplace sexual harassment would save countless women from experiencing the horrors of harassment in the workplace. It is no surprise that most IT professionals are not venturing into uncharted waters when it comes to tackling issues of workplace sexual harassment.


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