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A crawl space (also called a cellar or crawlspace) is an underground space typically located below a foundation or in an old garage. Usually the sewage drain and vent pipes are connected to the soil. A typical crawl space has little or no structural support and is prone to constant settling. Due to this, there is always the potential for dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and pests to settle into the space and damage both the interior and exterior surfaces. Unfortunately, crawlspaces often get ignored when it comes to proper cleaning.For more Vapor Barrier

The Intriguing Psychology Behind Crawl Space Nashville

Mold and mildew are some of the worst enemies of a crawl space, contributing to poor indoor air quality, respiratory illnesses, allergic reactions, and more. By sealing off your crawl space from the elements, you can significantly reduce these potential health problems and improve your indoor air quality. A vapor barrier is a very effective method for protecting your crawl space from moisture, dampness, and insects. Not only will a vapor barrier to keep out molds and other harmful bacteria, but it will also help to seal in heat, improving your heating and cooling costs.

The vapor barrier will be applied on the walls, floor, ceiling, and at times, even the plumbing. This application process will be much easier and faster with a vapor barrier applied to your crawl space. Other methods such as cleaning and pumping may prove to be very messy and time consuming, and may not even reach the root of the problem. By sealing off your crawl space from moisture, pests, and the elements, you can rest assured that your home’s value, comfort, and quality of life will remain safe, clean, and within optimal condition.


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