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When you’re looking to buy CBD products, there are many different variations. Some of them come in oil-based form, some in gummies, and others are water soluble. While it may seem like this is a minor detail, the type of CBD product you take can have significant effects on how quickly it will absorb into your body and the duration of the results.

How strong is CBD water?

The reason why the way a CBD product is formulated can have such a significant effect on its effectiveness is because of the concept of bioavailability. This term refers to the amount of a drug that is able to be absorbed into your bloodstream and start working. When it comes to CBD, you can increase the impact of your daily dose by choosing a water soluble product.

Why does this matter? water soluble cbd vs oil absorbs more easily into the body because of a process called emulsification. This involves combining oil with water and forcefully breaking down the fatty molecules into smaller particles. This allows your body to digest them more quickly and gives you a higher effective dose per product.

Oil-based CBD products are also prone to the first pass metabolism effect. This means that a large portion of the active chemicals in your ingested CBD is metabolized by the liver before it makes its way to the general circulation system, which can make the onset of effects take longer.

With a water soluble product, this isn’t an issue because the cannabinoids are already in a form that your body can digest. This isn’t unique to CBD; other compounds, including morphine, lidocaine, and curcumin, experience this same reduction in their bioavailability when they are taken orally.


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