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Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own HVAC Maintenance

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own HVAC Maintenance

While it’s possible to do some basic HVAC maintenance yourself HVAC installations, professional help is always best. While a new HVAC system only needs maintenance once a year, older units require twice-yearly service. Performing preventative maintenance yourself won’t cost much money – the cost of a high-efficiency air filter will only run about $20 and a bottle of bleach is only $5. However, the cost of not performing maintenance can increase your operational costs and compromise the air quality in your home.

Proper HVAC maintenance will ensure that your heating and air conditioning units are running at optimum levels. Regular cleanings of filters and coils are essential. The technician will also inspect various parts of the system, including the compressor, capacitors, condenser, electrical wiring connections, fan blades, heat exchanger, and service valves. During these inspections, it’s vital to avoid any unexpected noises or odors. In addition, check the condition of the condensate drain and make sure there are no obstructions.

Regular maintenance will also help extend the life of the HVAC system. By keeping it clean and working properly, it will last longer and cost you less money in the long run. If you neglect HVAC maintenance, your system may break down during a warm summer day or a chilly winter night. Luckily, regular maintenance can help you avoid this costly emergency fix by reducing the number of times you need to call in a repairman. So, why not schedule a routine maintenance appointment today?


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