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Women’s Health Is More Than Just Maternal Care and Reproductive Services

Women’s health is much more than just maternal care and reproductive services. It encompasses a broad range of issues, from nutrition and fitness to healthcare and employment. It’s also one of the biggest and most complex markets for innovation.

The global population is female and women make up one half of all healthcare consumers. They account for 80% of healthcare purchasing decisions at the household level, often coordinating and taking responsibility for their own care. Go here

While women’s health has been a niche market and a subset of healthcare for decades, that is about to change. This shift will not only lead to better health outcomes for women but also present opportunities for companies, investors, and employees across the healthcare ecosystem.

The Benefits of Regular Pelvic Exams for Feminine Health

As we all know, your vulva is a protective and essential part of your genitalia. It includes the pubic mount, labia, clitoris, and the opening to your vagina, and it’s responsible for protecting your urethra from bacteria and infection.

You don’t need to use special products or sex routines to maintain your vulva’s natural defenses. Estrogen, the female sex hormone, encourages a healthy balance of microbes that keep your vagina acidic to prevent infections.

Wash your vulva with warm water daily. Gently wash the outer and inner parts of your vulva with a small amount of soap.

Wear comfortable underwear to avoid overheating and chafing. Cotton underwear is best as it allows your vulvovaginal area to breathe and dry easily.


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